Chief Biney’s Resignation: young Democrats Petitioned FEC AND NEC of opposition National Democratic Congress, Mr. Japhet Festus Gbede has confirmed this to the media


A pressure group calling itself young Democrats has tasked the leadership of the opposition National Democratic Congress, Ndc to as a matter of urgency ask it’s National Deputy organizer, Mr. Chief Halinton Biney to step aside or resign from his highest position.

They said, Ndc must prepare to accept another defeat in case they failed to charge the young officer to leave its sensitive position for the betterment of the party going into the critical Election ahead of the party.

“If we can afford to lead the NDC in this manner into the impending 2020 elections the party will find it tough winning the elections.
In a 5 page petition addressed to the highest office of the National Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress, the members of the group have drawn the attention of National Executives Committee, NEC and FEC to what they claim as acts of misplaced priority by Mr. Chief Biney and they use what happened to Joseph, others in the Bible to support their call for the resignation of the young officer.


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