The CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation Mr Wisdom Dordoe a Young Ghanaian banker and a philanthropist who has braved the storm in his life and took a double leap of faith when he decided to touch the lives of under-privileged and other vulnerable through Give Me Hope Foundation which he founded that has impacted thousands of lives with its inspiring projects.

The young Ghanaian banker and a celebrated philanthropist who in his studios task to serve humanity both in his profession and humanistic works has received four awards internationally and three locally for his service to humanity which has impacted thousands of lives.

His prestigious accolade recognises an individuals and groups who has made a significant long-term contribution to the humanitarian sector and has been a role model to many globally.

Wisdom Dordoe is one young man who has committed himself to ensuring children from the “slum” get access to good education and mentoring, as well as empowering their parents to elevate their socio-economic status.
Undoubtedly, his accomplishments to the changing lives have been recognized by awarding boards internationally and locally which only come to appreciate him and his team to do even more.
The CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation said the foundation initiative committed to making the dreams of children and vulnerable persons living in remote and desolate communities a reality through pronged approach on Education. The foundation has been providing scholarships for 650 children nationwide and has impacted thousands of lives with its inspiring programs.
The foundation has saved 180 lives from prison and has provided legal representation to many.
The foundation mentorships, health screening, food and clothes programs has impacted over ten thousands of less privileged nationwide.

Wisdom Dordoe says: “It was a tremendous honour to receive this Awards and to be recognised amongst the very best of the humanitarian sector is an incredible moment for me.”
He continues, “Throughout the eight years of this foundation I’ve had the honour of working alongside people and teams who strive to make a difference in the lives of the less privileged we stand for. I’d like to dedicate this awards to all our members, donors, partners, mentors, NGOs in the same field and those who support and share this Vision with us”


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