A Ghanaian by name Brother Ben. Kobi Aggrey, a messenger of God and a member of The Church of Pentecost in the Sakumono District of Tema, had made a profound revelation with empirical evidence about the dreaded COVID-19 Pandemic that had caused outrageous devastation to both human lives and businesses worldwide.

This he claimed, as against all conspiracy theories, the sciences, worldly wisdom and academic knowledge, was a highly spiritual agenda of God to punish the worldly wickedness, greediness and selfishness of mankind against His people and sighted The Book of Prophet Isaiah chapter 26 verses 20 and 21 to support his claim thus:

“Come, my people, enter into your chambers and shut your doors behind you: hide yourselves as it were, for a little moment, until the wrath is past.

: 21 For behold, the LORD comes out of his place, “Ghana”, to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: for the earth also shall disclose her blood shed against her, and shall no more cover her slain.”

Incidentally the COVID-19 Pandemic, as claimed by the man of God, which was said to have started at a meat market place in China called Wuahan, was rather and amazingly triggered from Ghana when a Chinese company, name withheld, engaged in some contractual works in Tema, happened ‘to remove the Cornerstone of the Earth’ which God planted as ‘The Landmark’ of His habitation in the Centre of the Earth.

That Landmark which he had earlier named as ‘The Meridian Rock,’ and traditionally called Angmo Tê by the people of Nungua and Tema, happened to be the last land mark on which the Greenwich Meridian passed on entering the sea near the beach at the Port of Tema.

He said, like the ‘Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil’ that God planted in “The Center of the Garden of Eden” and warned mankind never to touch nor eat of the fruit of tree less they died, according to Genesis chapter 2 verse 17, God also warned mankind ‘NEVER TO REMOVE THE ANCIENT LANDMARK’ according to the Book of Proverbs chapter 23 verses 10 and 11 quoting thus:


Unfortunately, the breach of this divine command of God by the powers that be including the U.S., Europe and now China as they gleefully plunder Ghana, the throne of God on earth, the land of the Centre of the Earth where God is the LORD, and for that matter, Africa, that had been fleeced of her natural and human resources through slavery, colonialism, racism and pure wickedness to the people of God, from time immemorial till today had brought this tragedy of the COVID-19 Pandemic unto mankind.

Furthermore, he indicated that as the pandemic is spiritually inclined and more especially coming from the Sovereign God of the earth himself for a definitive purpose, the only ‘vaccine’ that can save mankind is by REPENTING from their wickedness and greed against the poor, the vulnerable among the comity of nations: Ghana and for that matter, Africa, that had remained as the of ‘land of the fatherless’ till today and duly recompensing them for what had been done to them from time immemorial by their slave/colonial masters.

Also, he surmised that it would be rather very necessary to return all that had been taken away from Africa, including artifacts especially the apex of the Meridian Rock that was taken away by the Chinese contractors, and any other looted resources since colonial era.

He further indicated the highly spiritual significance of the rock whose apex had ‘A HEAD OF A MAN WEARING THE FACE MASK, THE SYMBOL OF THE COVID-19.’ According to Brother Kobi Aggrey, that was revealed to him by God to confirm this revelation of the COVID-19 pandemic to the people.

Hence, to the good people of Ghana and Africa, they should strictly adhere to the COVID safety protocols as directed by the appropriate authorities by wearing their face masks, washing of their hands with soap under running water, keeping social distances among the people including any other directives as may be deemed necessary and issued by the authorities as the primary safety solution to the pandemic.

The people should also consider eating more of our local foods including fruits and vegetables that are far better in natural nutrients to fight the virus than imported food stuffs.

Like the catastrophe that struck the Israelites in the wilderness during the Exodus, the people MUST STOP the unnecessary grumblings, doubts and arguments among themselves about the COVID-19 and abide by the safety protocols, because the COVID IS REAL AND MUST NOT BE TOYED WITH.

As it is coming from God, the people must not forsake praying to God who is the LORD in the centre of the world for his kind healing mercies through the enormous herbs and human expertise that he had endowed the nation with.

For the purposes of clarity and confirmation, the picture of the Meridian Rock wearing the face mask is posted here for the society to see and appreciate the situation on our hands presently.

Amazingly, apart from this massive revelation and that of Ghana being the habitation of the Sovereign God on earth today, he also claims to have in his possession “the replica of the stone that was carved by no human hand and was dug out of the mountain” as described in the Book of Daniel chapter 2 verses 35 and 45 which was also captured in Zechariah 3: 7.10 as the seven facetted stone with engraved inscriptions.

Added to these is the “replica of the map of Africa” that he also liberated from two bigger stones that held it in captivity at the beach near where the Meridian Rock was located. The two bigger stones should represent the continents of Asia to the east of Africa and the Americas to the west signifying the final liberation of Africa from the crutches of the great nations that had exploited and suppressed the dignity of the Africans both at home and in the Diaspora. This is the time for African to look within with this revelation, to find internal solutions to her enormous problems.

By: Brother Ben. Kobi Aggrey,

The Church of Pentecost,

Sophia Cudjoe Temple, Sakumono, Tema.                                                                                                                                                  


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