Information received has indicate that the 400 Nigerians who have been arrested in the Northern Region by the National Security and Ghana Immigration Service officials are yet to be deported back to their country or processed for court.

According to sources, these Nigerians are still being detained in Aflao in the Ketu South municipality of the Volta Region.

From sources, they are being detained at one of the entertainment centres located at Aflao Lowcost Beach and packed in 100 by 100 metres square structure even at this Covid-19 period.

Following up in an interview with a Security expert, David Agorsu he said the Ghana Immigration Service and other security services are not “clairvoyant” hence lack decisive actions to deport these Nigerians who entered the country through the North of the country and were brought to Aflao.

He questioned the reasons why these Nigerians are brought to Aflao, claiming that was as result of an institutional crisis.

“We are calling the situation crimes against humanity, their actions do not represent protection of human right but travesty of them,” he said.

He averred that National security and Ghana immigration service have failed to see the dangers pose by coronavirus and should have released the Nigerians by deporting them to their country rather than packing them under one roof.

He thought the Ghana Immigration Service remains extremely paranoid about the situation, hence their inability to save the situation.

Meanwhile, the continuous detention of these Nigerians had sparked serious agitations at the area leading to reinforcement of military presence in Aflao.

Security forces were out in strength trying to prevent the detainees not to escape. can report that a young lady who was among the detainees collapsed and initially thought just slipped and fell, but then blood was seen spurting out from her nose.

Meanwhile, David Agorsu claimed the State has turned a blind eye to the transgression of Ghana Immigration Service.



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