The Chief of Staff to the Nungua Stool Mr. Frank K. Lewi has urged the court to take stringent measures in terms of awarding high cost against plaintiffs who brings frivolous and useless cases to court in order to ease the pressure on judges.

He said, this will also enhance speedy delivery of justice since less cases will allow for short intervals in hearings and quick delivery of justice.

In an exclusive interview with Mr. Lewi to elicit his views on the general public perception of the courts as being lethargic with justice delivery, he attributed the issue of delays to the burden of myriad of cases piled on the files of the judges to dispatch.

Speaking with particular reference to the Nungua Stool issues, the Chief of Staff stated for example that “everybody knows every land within the Nungua boundaries or layouts are vested in the Nungua Stool and there are acquisition instruments and judgments to prove that and yet every now and then you still find elements within some families in that enclave litigating or proceeding to court for claim to portions of the Nungua Stool lands.”

Mr. Lewi pointed out the Layouts of Nungua Stool Lands includes South West of Ashale Botwe, Nmai Djorn, New Nungua, Adjirigano and Okpoi gonno- Teshie Extension. The other boundaries covers Batsonaa, North Nungua, South East Nungua and New Nungua Extension and these are clear and explicit in judgments and legal documents.

“And they file such cases against Nungua in the courts in the face of a long standing judgments and legal documents just to disturb the judges and waste everybody’s,” he stated.

Mr. Lewi added that “these actions does not only disturb the courts but also shows disrespect to the Stool by those indigenes who perpetuate those unpatriotic actions against the Stool when we should be pursuing unity, peace and development in Nungua.”

By Julian Owusu-Abedi


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