The Special Congregation at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) to award Honorary Doctorate Degrees to the Minister of Energy, Dr. Matthew Opoku Premper (MP), and the former Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Prof. Mike Oquaye, was successfully held at the Jophus Anamuah-Mensah Conference Centre on Wednesday 26th May, 2021. The event was originally scheduled to take place in December, 2020.

A known crook, who specializes in sweet-talking people who can’t think far into handing over huge sums of money to him, disgracefully paid huge bribes from his ill-gotten wealth to put the December, 2020, Special Congregation on hold.

This criminal, who lies through his smelly mouth without any shame is hereby reminded that, he is NOT God, and can NEVER be! Only God can make and unmake, and NOT criminals parading as whatever.

The temporal immunity shielding this lunatic is gradually coming to an end, and hopefully, the whole world will very soon, get a glimpse of the criminal acts of this baby with very sharp teeth.

Shrines, which cannot escape from the vagaries of the weather on their own, and have been assigned names unwillingly, can NEVER save this pathological liar from the eminent disgrace looming over his demonic head. I assure this delinquent that, that his snake with the fowl head and the deity that he stole from the voodoo priest, cannot save him whatsoever!

If the voodoo, shrines, and other dirty devilish things practiced by this villain were to even have a 0.0001% efficacy, some of us wouldn’t be alive today.

The undisputed and unperturbed Vice-Chancellor (VC) of UEW, Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni, who has been unjustly vilified by this crook, has made apparent, the lies of this common criminal to the whole world at the 26th May, Special Congregation.

Within the four (4) years that Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni has steered the affairs of UEW as VC, he started and completed the projects below:
1. The all-conquering Students Centre
2. The Food Court
3. Eight lecture theatres, each with a seating capacity of five hundred 4. Bush canteen at north campus 5. Pure water factory at the College of Languages Education, Ajumako
6. An ultra-modern poultry shed at the University Farm, and
7. The University Bookshop.

About 90% of all existing facilities have been renovated, so time will not be wasted to list renovated buildings.

The common criminal had wished that the money invested in the above projects for the benefit of all Ghanaians in particular and the world at large, was handed over to him for the furtherance of his selfish interest.
However, since he couldn’t get the Rev. Fr. to yield to this insane demand, he went berserk, calling the Rev. Fr., all kinds of names.

With trust and faith in the Almighty God, the initial worry about the Special Congregation failing to come off in December, 2020, was finally put to rest on 26th May, 2021, right at the doorstep of the common criminal. More shame on this shameless creature!!

Let me remind this common criminal that, I only went soft on him in the recent past as a result of pleas from some prominent politicians, but since he has disgracefully decided to continue some legal processes, I will hit him in a manner, unprecedented through the ‘pen’!

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)


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