The agitation of the people of this country of deployment of people considered to belong to the invisible forces into the National Security to work at the Aflao border, is now intense.
The said group of people who see themselves as national security operatives by virtue of their deployment to the border are alleged to be engaging in activities that undermine the security of the state.
Their activities cannot be controlled or prevented through regular law enforcement as residents and businessmen and women who use the border are calling for their removal from the border and replaced with real security forces.
This paper has received constant reports on the fact that these “boys” who are deployed at the last checking point at the Aflao border have been engaging in extortion and aiding people especially,  businessmen and women to evade tax.
These conducts, people believe are affecting revenue collection and making the NPP  government unpopular and will affect the chance of winning 2024 elections.
It can be said that ever since these invisible forces were deployed as national security operatives at the Aflao border, illegal practices are being directed against them as they have been accused of using their position to rob people who are crossing the borders.
This paper can say that the potential scales practices of invading state revenue by these invisible forces now national security operatives is very large.
Their behavior is seriously infringing on the management of the state assets causing public grievances which require strict punishment.
Speaking to some aggrieved residents they noted, “If you allow party foot Soldiers who claimed they are national security to do what pleases them, this is the resulting government must step up to correct.”
Meanwhile,  some NPP members who are also not in support of the activities of these boys claimed there are some people in the party who try to advance their own agenda by deploying these boys as a national security operative in an effort to undermine president’s agenda of good governance and effective economic management.
The issue of alleged robbery, extortion  and attacks on the border have been published in the media severally, but the state authorities have so far failed to properly investigate some of these activities by so-called national security operatives.
“These national security operatives are everywhere in  Aflao threatening people. We are not safe. It is complete chaos. They have since expanded in scope becoming a border cells in our community….Economic growth and wages continue to be slug and life is getting more expensive. And we now depend on expectations into wrongdoing to take place unimpeded, the nation finds itself once again in an explosive situation revolving around the potential abuse of power by these national security operatives,” they said.
There are also claims that these ‘boys ‘ have been quietly setting up the command centre to operate independently without the involvement of any security apparatus and all these according to information, are done so carefully and successfully under the nose of the security services.


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