Supporters of candidates who have been vetted and approved for the New Patriotic Party (NP) constituency elections in Ketu South have sent a strong signal to party leaders both Regional and National, of their intentions to leave the party if elections are not held in the constituency as soon as possible.

The supporters of the various candidates who have been on campaign tours with their candidates have revealed that the delay in the elections is causing serious problems for their candidates and the majority of them have exhausted their resources for campaigning.

They alluded to the fact that the Volta Regional Chairman of the party, Makafui Kofi Woanya is doing everything possible to divide the party and cause disaffection for candidates and the entire NPP towards the 2024 elections.

The daly in the elections, according to them is going to affect the party’s fortunes to increase votes in future elections.

“This is because people need a change, it should be obvious that we cannot solve a crisis with the same methods that got us into it. Our leaders at the Regional level are only interested in the stomachs and are bidding for their preferred candidates hence, their inordinate decision to hold onto the elections just to frustrate other candidates. We want to tell them that, we are tired of them,” some supporters noted.

They also pointed out that they as supporters have the most, and ambitious desire to win the 2024 elections and break the 8 but the attitude of people like Makafui Kofi Woanya would not help matters.

“The battle for 2024 requires by its nature, that new people are brought into the process and if we did not bridge the gaps, let’s forget 2024,” they said.

A party supporter, Ken Alorvi who spoke extensively about the happenings within the party in that constituency averred that the party must desist from expelling and suspending members of the party merely because they differ in opinions or have more, and progressive ideas of improving the lives of their party members.

He mentioned that the elections committee formed to conduct elections in Ketu South lacks decisive action and the party is going to split into two if elections did not take place soon.

They urged the leadership of the party in the region to quickly conduct elections before national elections come in.

“We must not tie the hands of the party members to the highest rung of a standard ladder. Is unacceptable where is the leadership we need? What we need is to promote unity, growth and empowerment for our people and our leaders must lead in this agenda rather than dividing us and tearing us apart because come of us don’t belong to their camps,” they said amid bitterness, and threaten to leave the party if action is not taken to ensure the election is conducted.

They have also registered their intention to demonstrate in the coming days if nothing is done to save situations.

Prosper Agbenyega


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