Majeed Amandi
Majeed Amandi

There are planned demonstrations against the Assistant Commissioner of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority-Aflao Collection, Majeed Amandi over his long stay in office.

According to the demonstrators, Majeed Amandi who is also the Chairman of the Aflao Border Security Committee, has served in that capacity for several years has failed the Aflao sector in terms of revenue collections.

They also averred that  there was total security breaches and breakdown in command in relation with the political elite.

It emerged during checks and interviews that when Mr. Majeed Amandi’s tenure of office expired, he asked for six months extension on two consecutive times which were granted to him.

These extensions of his tenure also expired, but information is that he is again, asking for another six months to stay.

According to them although Majeed’s door to his office is open, the mind inside the office is completely closed.

“We call his actions as failures. He does not deserve any third term extension. We are firmly opposed to Majeed being retained. Such unstable figure incapable of accepting realities. It exposed the fact that his administration is poorly handled and we don’t understand why we should waste states funds on him,” Mr. Daniel Akpaloo said in an interview.

He averred that people hold on to their office even though they retire and this development has set a very bad precedence for us as a people who are fighting for economic recovery.

He called on the people to unite saying that “People must unite and pushed for reforms for public sector workers especially institutions like Ghana Revenue Authority Custom Division to save public pause, immediately they retire, they go home.”

Daniel Akpaloo said “We found it hard to understand, we known a lot of people would also within the structure of Ghana revenue authority custom division will also find it hard.”

He recalled that during the Mr Majeed’s tenure of office, he has transferred some senior officer who were committed and were performing their duty to protect State revenue outside the sector.

“He must cease this pattern of retaliation against officers who are working to protect states revenue. Majeed Amandi’s reputation took a nose dive, and I can say for a fact that he is not in command. We have an opportunity to unite against injustice and create lasting change,” he said.



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